Meet client, receive client's needs and define cosulting orientation, outline project steps.
Concept Design

Design ideas from overall perspective of  planning, architecture to landscape. This is the important stage leading to the official signing of the contract.



Signing contracts with the particitation of Estimating, Architectural, Structural, M&E etc.  in general agreement.


Urban Planning 1/500
Schematic Design/ Basic Design (Step 1)
Design Development/ Technical Design (Step 2)
Construction Documentation (Step 3)
Construction Drawings/ Shop Drawings

Construction Drawings/ Shop Drawings is detail drawings, it's used for constructrion team at contruction sites. Checking conflicts if any. Validate design adjustments according to actual.


Author Supervision

Author Supervision to reasonable adjustments or to ensure consistency bettween  detailed design and construction at site



Acceptance test of the project

Participate in the acceptance test of the project according to current regulations